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Dear Valued Customer,

Here is our Winter 3 2020 Covid-19 Summary:


The COVID pandemic has caused many challenges for people and small businesses. After a long pandemic and government restrictions, Break Away is FINALLY open for business once again.


When Dane County restrictions were lifted it allowed for a return to sports competition. We greatly appreciate the patience, flexibility and cooperation by our customers. Thank you, so very much.


Several of our business partners also stepped to the plate by suspending or reducing their service to us until such time that we could start up with them again. These businesses included Pepsi (WP Beverages), Coverall (janitorial service), Pelletteri (waste system) and Mound City Bank.


We cannot thank all of you enough for being our customers. Your flexibility, understanding and support is invaluable to our continued operations. Together with our customers, we make Break Away Sports a great sports facility. Our business and customer relationship are built on providing an atmosphere for recreational soccer through good service and a customer belief that sports CAN be played in a sporting way for players and spectators to enjoy. Let’s get back to the pitch and keep the ball rolling, literally.


Please take the time check out our website for up-to-date Spring and Summer Programs, which include: indoor and outdoor leagues, instructional lessons and trainings, rentals, as well as private lessons (use the menu above). We appreciate your upcoming support and we look forward to serving you again very soon.



Matt Lombardino, Jamie Laabs and Matti Sahel

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