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In 1996, several sports enthusiasts created our indoor sports facility called Break Away Sports Center, Inc. The idea for Break Away was to provide a state of the art, well maintained, sports facility that primarily offered indoor soccer and the development of sports skills. The philosophy was that sports, in our case soccer, could be played recreationally with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play. Break Away continues to emphasize recreational soccer through modified rules of play to better serve the masses, in a family atmosphere that welcomes soccer enthusiasts of all skill levels. In conjunction with our business, Break Away has introduced several popular and unique soccer programs to the Madison area. Over the years, we have developed a simple phrase that represents our philosophies: “Playing the Game… Teaching the Game… Respecting the Game.”


Our staff and our customers embody what Break Away Sports Center philosophy represents. Both have been committed in supporting our social soccer and family atmosphere enabling us to sustain our mission over the years.


We are proud to say that Break Away has been in business for 24 years and I have been managing indoor soccer since 1985 (35 years). Long before the COVID-19 ever became a concern, the owners had decided it was time to begin the search for new owners and to pass the baton on to some new soccer enthusiasts. Many of our staff were informed of our intentions a few years ago, while the remainder was informed around the start of the year. We are confident we can find an individual, or group, willing to grow the business beyond what we currently offer. We are hopeful that the interest will come from a local individual. We are sure such an individual, or group, will bring new energy to move forward keeping the quality of our current business while also expanding on what there is to offer to grow the business further. We will continue to honor the make up for all our postponed games from the Winter 3 2020 due to COVID-19.


Madison is a perfect location to operate a sports facility. It is a sports minded community with young professionals as well as including a large university and other colleges to provide a strong customer base at all ages. Our 46,000 square foot sports complex is the perfect structure for operating Break Away and can easily accommodate other uses. In addition to the 2 full size indoor soccer fields with surrounding dasher boards and newly installed infill turf, the building and property include the following features:

  • Men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers

  • 34’ ceiling height and 100’ free span across each field

  •  A viewing mezzanine and office area

  • 100% year round climate controlled environment (Heat, AC, de-humidification, and fresh air exchange)

  • Ground floor commercial spaces available for third party, income producing tenants

These building features, when combined with other equipment and supplies provide a turnkey operation ready to continue serving the greater city of Madison. We have discounted our asking price of Break Away for an easier opportunity for someone to afford and to assist in a better transition of ownership.


If you have any questions or would be interested/able to operate our business. Let’s talk. Please email me at


We look forward to finding the next owners that will continue methodology for future generations to enjoy. In the meantime, we are very optimistic that this covid virus infection is decreasing in the very near future and we look forward to returning to provide the quality service to the soccer community that everyone has become accustomed to over all these years. We truly have appreciated your support in helping us provide our service to the soccer community



Matt Lombardino
Break Away Sports Center, Inc.
(608) 288-9600

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