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Welcome back to Break Away! For some of you it is your first time coming back since March of 2020 when play was suspended due to the pandemic. We are looking forward to serving your soccer interests once again. To ALL of our teams & players, thank you for your business!


Dane County Public Health Department has issued Order #22 as a precaution to reduce the possibility of transferring COVID from one person to another To do so, the county is are requiring everyone going indoors (outside of their homes) to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose ( This current order is effective until February 1st. While this may be an inconvenience to some, it is just an additional layer of protection for participants. This is a small hurdle in the big scheme of things which will allow us to return to normalcy down the road. The additional good news is we are still able to play and are not limited in physical distance from one another while playing. The mask requirement is proactive and precautionary. We can get through this if everyone cooperates. In spite of this inconvenience, Break Away will continue to deliver the best possible indoor soccer experience to our customers as was intended.


In addition, Break Away Sports Center will be taking temporary and permanent steps to help us minimize exposure to COVID-19, as well as other viruses. Here are some steps we will be requiring and/or suggesting to our customers along with responsibilities that our staff will be performing on an hourly and daily basis.


1. Masks are required & MUST be properly worn covering mouth and nose (unless eating or drinking).

          a. WE DO NOT PROVIDE FREE MASKS. Masks for purchase are available at the front desk.

          b. We suggest that each players bring a 2nd mask to replace their mask from the 1st half. This will be dryer and make wearing it                easier.

2. All staff and customers must also self-monitor for any the signs and/or symptoms of COVID-19 as described on the CDC website, including an elevated body temperature.

          a. If a staff or customer realizes that they have any COVID-19 signs/symptoms, through self-discovery, they must not enter Break                Away for the well-being of our other customers and staff.

          b. Our staff also has the authority to require any customer showing any signs/or symptoms of covid while at Break Away to leave                the facility immediately.

3. Here are additional suggestions to assist in everyone’s health:

          a. Spread out on bench. Keep 6ft physical distance on bench or off the field of play whenever possible.

          b. Bring your own team and player equipment (ie. alternate colors shirts). NO pullovers or shin-guards will be given out.

          c. No post game handshakes, elbows, air-5’s or close-range congratulations (physical distance should apply).

          d. Bring your own protective gear to increase personal protection (mask, hand wipes and sanitizer). Break Away will have hand                  sanitizer on benches of both fields and facility.


Some additional good news: We are excited to announce Break Away is allowing players of any age to wear molded soccer cleats of any configuration with the exception of metal or screw in soccer cleats. (click here for more info)


Please forward this to the players on your team so that they are informed of the Dane County’s required mask order while entering any business. If you have any questions, please contact us at 608.288-9600.

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