Respecting the Game



CASH/CHECK (Full Payment)

Any league, Fall, Winter or Spring. Full team payment at registration by check or cash saves $15 off of team fee.



Late Night Discount - Save $100 per Winter Session! Men's Rec. and Adult Coed teams registering as Night Prowlers will be the first to be scheduled for the last game(s) of the evening, as necessary, 9:30 - 11:00 pm start times. (Note: NOT all games are guaranteed late.)











  • DIAMOND - Pre-pay for 5 sessions
  • $390 Team discount
  • PLATINUM - Pre-pay for 4 sessions
  • $265 Team discount
  • FREE rentals through spring session
  • FREE Manager Season Pass to >40 open play (age 40+ only)

GOLD PLAN - Increased Savings

  • Pre-pay for Winter 1, 2 & 3
  • $150 team discount - Adult & youth teams
  • FREE rentals through Winter 3 Session
  • FREE Manager Season Pass to >40 open play (age 40+ only)
  • Youth teams- 2 half-price Winter Break 4v4 Cup team entries ($240 value!)   

SILVER PLAN - Increased Savings

  • Pre-pay for Winter 1 & 2
  • $90 team discount - Adult
  • $100 team discount - Youth
  • 1 FREE rental (some restrictions apply)
  • Youth teams- 1 half-price Winter Break 4v4 Cup team entry ($140 value!)


  • Pre-pay for Winter 2 & 3 only
  • $50 Team discount

Multi Session Discount Restriction Qualifications:

DISCOUNT DETAILS: Pre-payment discounts do not apply to Over 50 or Night Prowler registrations. Offer is not good with any other coupons or discounts and is non-transferable. All fees are non-refundable 2 weeks prior to the start of each session. Customer Cancelling plan at least 2 weeks prior to the start of a session shall be refunded the remaining balance less the Regular Fee rate for any session already played, less the associated discount and forfeiture of $400 for all remaining session not being played in the plan.

Winter Break Cup: Additional Tournament Registration Form is required for tournament enrollment by registration deadline. Only the team registered for the discounted plan above is eligible for the Winter Break Cup Tournament discount. Break Away has the right to cancel tournament due to low enrollment without discount plan credit or refund. 

Free Rentals: Limit 1 per week. For qualifying Multi-session teams only during the sessions of participation. Reservations must be made by the team Manager and no more than 7 days from the date requested. Reservations are accepted based on availability. Break Away reserves the right to assign 2 teams of similar ages to same field for use during a "free multi-session discount field rental."  Full fields may be available for exclusive use for an additional $30 fee - Call Matt at 608-288-9600 for full details.  Any cancellation of a reservation may require a $30 charge or a revocation of any future privilege for additional free rentals.