Due to continual updates by Dane County Health please call for this & other opportunities 608-288-9600


All individuals or groups must not intermingle and comply with the Dane County orders by following physical distancing guidelines and wearing proper masks. Participants must bring their own balls and equipment. Break Away equipment can be used upon advanced request if available.


Advanced Reservation and Payment Required

Call 608-288-9600 to reserve field time

Payment is non-refundable

All participants must follow our Safer at Play Guidelines



Individual Training rentals (45ft x 40ft area) 30 Minute sessions

Create your own training session within their own area. Each training area can rotate through to the goal shooting station while maintaining their separation.

  • 30min session = $20/session

  • Options available Thursday 4:15 - 4:45pm, 5:00-5:30

  • Saturday 9:00 – 9:30am, 9:45 – 10:15am

  • 4 Separated training areas

  • 1 Individual/area (add $10 if adding 2nd participant from same household)

Circuit Training (Mega Touch) 30 Minute sessions

Rotate through 6 different stations emphasizing different skills sequences to practice and improve touch and foot speed. The objective is described and illustrated on at each station or via a video tutorial on YouTube. Stations are preset by Break Away staff to provide a touch free environment for your safety.

  • 30 minute training = $20 (add $10 if adding 2nd participant from same household)

  • Wednesday 4:15 - 4:45pm, 5:00-5:30pm


SMALL GROUP/TEAM – Max of 10 participants

Half Field

Train up to 10 players guided by your team’s own coach or trainer.

  • 30min = $40 + $15 disinfecting = $55

  • 60min = $70 + $15 disinfecting = $85

  • 2 unique groups separated on each half of the field

Full Field

Train up to 10 players or 2 separate groups on each end of the field (without intermingling) guided by the groups own coach or trainer.

  • 60min Ranging from $85 to $135, + $15 disinfecting = $100 - $150


Full Field Soccer Rentals

Non-Soccer Full Field Rentals

Schedule multiple rentals and save $!
To Reserve space call Matt or Jamie at 288-9600

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