Partner-Up Social Games

--game descriptions, dates, times, & pricing schedule--

Due to continual updates by Dane County Health please call for this & other opportunities 608-288-9600

Soccer enthusiasts NEED the physical and psychological benefits of getting back to playing indoor soccer, even if it is not league play.


TRY THIS - 2 PLAYER TEAMS: Each week a pair from your team shows up to play doubles with an assigned activity against another team’s pair. These activities include:

  • Soccer Tennis: Serve, return, rally, repeat- with feet!

  • Cone Knockout: Use precision and accuracy to topple your opponent's cones

  • Soccer Bocce: The classic bowling lawn game now played with feet

  • Foot Shuffleboard: The traditional floor game with customized soccer rules

Have your team come in & try out the games for free! Call for availability

League Requirements

• All players MUST be at least 17 and out of HS

• The intent is for 2-player teams. You can have more than 2 on a team but only 2 players can participate from the team on any given night

• IMPORTANT! Added rules and policies have been created to minimize exposure to infectants (see our website for more details)

Registration & Scheduling Procedures

• Complete registration form and return with entire fee (Fax is acceptable - 608.288-8582).  Entire team and independent fee is nonrefundable. Entry fees will not be processed until confirmed start date or prorated in the event any new start date is required by government mandates. 

• Delays in starting will result in a prorated fee for less games. 

• All fees include tax. Programs have limited space.  

• All teams and individuals are required to follow the rules and policies of Break Away Sports Center. It is the responsibility of the team manager to inform their players of policies.  Registered team manager may pick up team packet and rules at Break Away.  All players must sign the player consent form to play. 

• Schedules are subject to change. 

• Force Majuere: Break Away shall not be responsible for re-scheduling or refunding games that become impossible or impracticable to reschedule due to an event or effects of an event that could not have been anticipated or controlled. These events include but not limited to natural disasters, viruses, floods, or other “Acts of God”

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