Break Away is excited to offer our Mega Touch Circuit Training this summer.
This program is designed specifically for individual skill improvement, focusing on ball control, dribbling, footspeed, & agility

A great training tool to prepare for high school & club soccer

Please call the office for field scheduling & pricing
  • Quick Dribble

    • Dribble around the cones within center circle as quickly as possible, touching the ball as often as possible and changing directions (tip: try to reach a point on the other side of the circle as quickly as possible and repeat)

      • Objective: good touch and control of the ball in tight space, body balance with the ball. Encouraged to use ALL parts of foot while dribbling and changing directions

  • Directional Dribble

    • Start on 1st cone of 5 in a line, dribble to the closest outside cone and continue the weave (zigzag) until coming to the 5th cone. Speed dribble to the original 1st starting cone. Repeat the process as many times as possible.

      • Objective: ball control on diagonal dribbling with good body balance over the ball on turn for sharp change of direction, and good speed dribble with acceleration. Encouraged to use ALL parts of foot while dribbling and changing directions

  • Speed Dribble

    • Start on one side between spots. Pass off the closest wall and receive inside the space between spots and turn and speed dribble across field inside the spots on opposite side. Repeat the process back and forth as many times as possible

      • Objective: Body balance and preparation to pass & receive ball, perform an efficient turn with good acceleration good touches of ball for speed dribble. Encouraged to use all parts of foot when passing, receiving, and changing directions


  • Accordion Movement

    • 1-touch passing off the wall while stepping forward or backward in an accordion movement, receiving the ball in the proper location

      • Objective: quick movement immediately after passing for improved quickness and anticipating ability. Encouraged to use both feet.


  • Diagonal Pass touch

    • Player starts in one of the back squares area facing outside (towards rebounder): with ball in hands, toss ball firmly at rebounder outside of back area, receive out of the air while facing the rebounder settling ball while turning towards the wall. Pass ball off wall at angle to receive and dribble to opposite back area with 3 rapid inside of foot touches (both feet) before picking up and tossing the ball off near rebounder outside of occupied area and repeating process to starting grid. Repeat the process back and forth as many times as possible.

      • Objective: Body balance and preparation to receive ball out of the air with different parts of the body with a good first touch and dribble. Encouraged to use body parts to collect and change direction.


  • Agility Rings

    • Combination steps through rings, finishing with passing & receiving the ball.

    • Example step sequence (starting on left side of rings): right foot in, left foot in, right foot out, left foot out. Repeat starting with left foot first.

      • Objective: improve agility, balance, & passing accuracy