Customer Update February 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

We have been given some good news with the latest Dane County Order (#13). Physical distancing is not a requirement while participating in sports or athletics anymore. This means that we can play real soccer how it's normally played, and there's a high possibility for us to hold league play in the near future.

The government requires that anywhere in Dane County, teams may only practice or play with the following restrictions:

  1. Allowable players has been increased to as many as 25 in any intermingling group activity including subs on the bench.

  2. Participant’s must always wear a properly fitted mask while playing or inside a business.

  3. Physical distancing maintained when off the field of play.

You may find a place that will disregard these Dane County orders by allowing participants to inappropriately play without masks, putting their business revenue ahead of their customers health and potentially spread this virus.  Break Away will not ignore such laws. We want to limit the spread of COVID as much as possible. We cannot in good conscience ignore the government restrictions just for financial gains. Be careful with what other businesses offer and the potential of putting your kids or yourself at risk.


FEAR NOT. We will be offering several activities and programs that individuals/teams can utilize for skill building while helping to minimize the spread of the COVID virus. We have also added new 30-minute alternatives for individuals or small groups to take advantage of for a limited time.


Consider our safer alternatives and reserve times within the Dane County guidelines. Help us help minimize the spread of the virus for a safer community while enjoying soccer. Thank you for your consideration. Here is what we have to offer:



All individuals or groups must not intermingle and follow the Dane County orders by following physical distancing guidelines and wearing proper masks. Participants must bring their own balls and equipment. Break Away equipment can be used upon advanced request if available.


Advanced Reservation and Payment Required



Individual Training rentals (45ft x 40ft area) 30 Minute sessions

Create your own training session within their own area. Each training area can rotate through to the goal shooting station while maintaining their separation. <Read more>

Circuit Training (Mega Touch) 30 Minute sessions

Rotate through 5 different stations emphasizing different skills sequences to practice and improve touch and foot speed. The objective is described and illustrated on at each station or via a video tutorial on YouTube. Stations are preset by Break Away staff to provide a touch free environment for your safety. <Read more>

Private lesson

Good time for individuals, siblings or small groups to get some individualized training from one of our staff. <Read more>


GROUP/ TEAM – Max of 25 participants

Half Field

Train up to 25 players guided by your team’s own coach or trainer. <Read more>

Full Field

Train up to 25 players or 2 separate groups (up to 50 players) on each end of the field (without intermingling) guided by the groups own coach or trainer. Stuck on what to play? See our website for a variety of Break Away games allowing players to enjoy soccer touch or competitions. <Read more>

Redeem W3 2020 Games

While we will continue to honor making up Winter 3 2020 games that were postponed because of the pandemic, some managers may opt to use the remaining games as rentals instead. Train up to 10 players or 2 separate groups on each end of the field guided by your team’s own coach or trainer. Bring your own balls (some equipment is available) <Read more>


Limited space & COVID guidelines enforced

Youth classes

Different classes for ages 3-8. Build confidence, awareness, and teamwork! <Read more>

S.T.E.P - Skills Training for Excellence Program

Ages 9-13. Foot skills & ball control development <Read more>

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