COVID-19 Safer at Play:

Public & Staff Modifications

Break Away will be taking several steps to minimize exposure to contaminants and infectants within our facility to our customers and staff. While we can never guarantee complete protection of our customers and staff, Break Away Sports will be taking temporary and permanent measures that help us to minimize exposure to COVID-19, as well as other viruses while at Break Away Sports. Here are some steps we will be requiring and/or suggesting of our customers along with responsibilities that our staff will be
performing on an hourly and daily basis.

Public League Modification and Team/Player Responsibilities
1. Requiring customers and staff self-monitor the signs and/or symptoms of COVID-19 as described on the CDC website including an elevated body temperature.
   a. If a Customer shows an elevated body temperature above 100.4 degrees or any other COVID-19 signs/symptoms through self-               discovery, they must not enter Break Away, and seek medical instructions on what personal steps they should take for their well-             being and for the safety of customers and staff.
   b. If a customer show’s any signs/or symptoms Break Away staff has the authority to require this player to leave the facility                           immediately and MUST seek medical instructions on what personal steps they should take for their wellbeing and for the safety of           customers and staff.

2. Players should only come 5 – 10 minutes before game, dressed ready to play

3. Players should leave immediately after completion of the game. Congregating on parking lot is acceptable with social distancing and following state, county, and/or city laws.

4. Shirt Sleeves are REQUIRED (long sleeves are suggested).

5. Until such time that state and local officials lift restrictions which Break Away endorses, teams will ONLY BE ALLOWED 10  PLAYERS AT ANY GAME/ RENTAL/ TRAINING.

6. Bench area reminder to keep social distance. X's will be place on bench floor as a reminder to keep social distance whenever possible.

7. Bring your own team and player equipment (ie. warm up balls, alternate colors shirts). NO warm up balls, pullovers or shin-guards will be given out (they have been removed).

8. No post game handshakes, elbows, air-5’s or close range congratulation (social distance must apply). Quick soccer team chant’s acceptable.

9. Wash hands and arms before and after games.

10. Bring Your own protective gear to increase personal protection (mask, gloves, hand wipes and sanitizer). Break Away will have hand sanitizer on benches of both fields and facility.

11. Temporary Spectator Limitations
   a. NO spectators for adult games.
   b. 1 parent/player for youth games. NO siblings. NO grandparents

12. Additions, eliminations and/or modifications – Subject to change

Facility Supervision, League Modification and Sanitizing by staff
1. Supervising Temporary Limitation of Spectator Access
   a. NO Spectators for Adult games.
   b. 1 parent/player for youth games. NO siblings. NO grandparents
   c. Limited concessions including
      i. the suspension of beer sales.
      ii. Pre-bottled and Pre-packaged product only – No fountain drinks

2. Limited Areas Open to Public
   a. Upstairs closed reducing the potential of contaminated air disbursement from above
   b. Limited use of side spectator areas to reduce touch contact surfaces - closed during adult games
   c. Some spectator seating and serving tables removed to assist in social distancing and reduce touch contact surfaces.
   d. Enforcing player game limitations as required by limited public use

3. Game starts will be temporarily Staggered to control occupancy and improve social distancing off the field.

4. Facility Sanitizing
   a. Continual disinfecting high-touch surfaces in player benches, common areas, and bathrooms multiple times throughout the                       day/evening
   b. More in-depth end of night spray disinfectant of field walls, plexi, bench area, bathrooms, and other common areas

5. Officials
   a. Masked depending on personal and/or government mandates
   b. Hand held whistles
   c. Wiping of game ball before the start of each half

6. Providing additional hand sanitizing throughout the facility

7. Continuous fresh air intake

8. NO LOANING/LENDING OF EQUIPMENT to reduce cross contamination: pullovers, shinguards, goalie gloves or lost and found will NOT be available.

9. Front Counter Staff Protection Shields

10. Every staff member is required to attend training on new protocols, to assist in infection control processes before returning to work

11. Additions, eliminations and/or modifications – Subject to change

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