Dear Valued Customer,


Where do I begin to discuss the future? I would love to indicate that I know the point when we can start to play indoor (and outdoor) soccer games and welcome you back as before. Unfortunately, so much is unknown. These delays are frustrating but necessary for the health of Dane County residents.


The initial ambiguity is based on when the Dane County Health Department (through Forward Dane Emergency Orders #6) will allow us to go from Phase 2 to Phase 3. According to Emergency Order #6, soccer, along with various other sports, is defined as a medium-risk sports which indicates:

Games and competitions are not allowed between teams for medium and high-risk sports. Games and competitions WITHIN TEAMS are allowed for medium and high-risk sports if the games and competitions are modified to ensure physical distancing is maintained at all times.” (3.c.iv)


Recent measurements of the data surrounding Covid that determines whether to move to the next phase has not been promising- partly due to a spike in Covid cases in Dane County. As a result of this spike, and other metric analysis, Phase 2 has been extended at least 1 week to collect additional metric readings for analysis on how to proceed.


In addition, Dane County has been unable to decide how soccer and other medium-risk sports will be defined moving forward into Phase 3. We would need to know WHEN we will move into Phase 3 and whether we can even conduct business to start scheduling any type of league play. To make matters worse, if we cannot play games in Phase 3, we will need to wait until Phase 4. The understanding is that Phase 4 will not start until a vaccine or other type of treatment is created.


The reality is that most businesses CAN offer their primary services to their customers in a reduced form at the very least without having to reinvent their business (salons, restaurants, fitness centers, etc). We, on the other hand, are one of the very few businesses that cannot perform our primary business. Until Dane County lifts or defines our restrictions, we are caught between a rock and a hard place. Indoor team practices and rentals would be great; however, many teams are not starting until later this Fall, and those that are practicing have a luxury of practicing outdoors. We continue to look for other modified business options.


As you can see, we (and other businesses) are falling on some challenging times. We are at the mercy of Covid and the future decisions of state and local authorities.


There are still several opportunities to enjoy soccer and fitness activities while practicing physical distancing indoors at Break Away Sports Center for you or your team. Please consider these options.

  • Soccer Contests (“Partner Up”) set up for your team (up to 16 participants) <read more>

  • Footskills Circuit Training (up to 14 participants) <read more>

  • Singles Soccer Tennis <read more>

  • Private or small group lessons with physical distancing <read more>

  • Team training while observing the Dane County Emergency Order #6 <read more>


Break Away is also a great location for family/household groups to use the field for an assortment of soccer games and competition without the need for physical distancing. A great alternative. Give us a call 288-9600.


Thank you for your business, cooperation and understanding… and STAY HEALTHY!

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