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Adult Leagues - League Descriptions


**All Adult players MUST be at least 18 years old AND out of high school to participate**

  • All games are 2 x 25 minute halves.

  • All Adult leagues are 5 vs 5 + GK

  • Suggested roster size is 11 players.(except mini-teams)

  • All leagues have at least 2 nights of play.

  • All players must be 18 AND out of High School

Men's Rec

Separated into different divisions to equalize competition. Players must be 18 and out of high school. 

Men's Over 40

All players must be 40 years old. Players will benefit from exercise in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Adult Over 50 Social

This league is open to men and women 50 years or older. Teams register as a "mini-team" with a game day roster maximum of 6 participants, including goalie. Only players on game roster are permitted to play if more than 9 total players.

Two "mini-teams" with a maximum total of 12 players will be combined then compete against other paired mini-teams All players must be 50 years old to participate.  Register 2 mini- teams with shared rosters to have increased flexibility.  Mix and match players each week.

Women's Over 30 Social Rec

This league is designed for women wanting to play in a similar age group for more social exercise and recreation enjoyment.  2 Players 29 years old allowed; all other players must be at least 30 years old. Rule modifications: "Dangerous ball above the waist" and "Player Control" fouls.

Women's Open

This league is open to teams of all ages and skill levels. A good fit for college age, young mothers and working women still seeking social recreation play.

Women's Skilled

For women seeking to play with more skilled players in a faster paced league. (May be combined with HS Skilled League)

Adult Coed Social

This popular league covers a wide variety of age and skill levels with a strong emphasis on social recreational soccer. Separated into (2) day of play options with consideration to team average age and skill level. Teams must have 2 female field players on field during play (not GK) Alternate day in ( ).
Coed Options:


Adult Leagues - Days and Times


**All Adult players MUST be 18 years old AND out of High School to participate**

All leagues have at least two expected nights of play. Teams must be prepared to play during any of the days and times listed.  Alternate days and times listed and may be necessary due to league enrollment and holidays. (limited as much as possible). All times listed are for kick-offs.

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Scheduling preferences? If notified at registration, we will work with team managers on preferences whenever possible; however, we cannot guarantee preferences.

Adult Leagues - Pricing Schedule


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