Last winter Session 3 was cut short due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many teams were left with games on their schedule, and we have been steadfast in wanting to honor the value of those games you missed. The latest Dane County Emergency Order (#13) has lifted the distancing guideline for sports- you do not need to distance while participating in sports. While there are still some restrictions on group size, building capacity, masking, and distancing while off the field, this does allow us to host our league games again and playing real soccer. Below are our options for any team that wants to get back out on the field.

  1. Youth make-up games: 2020 Winter 3 postponed youth games will take place on Sunday, February 28, March 6 & 7 (Sat/Sun), and March 13 & 14 (Sat/Sun). We've been reaching out to team managers to gauge their interest. There's potential for for a team to have 2, or possibly 3 games in one day, if teams are agreeable (This would help us get as many games in as possible). After these dates we will not redeem any remaining games from the 2020 Winter 3 postponement. In order to have time to schedule make-up games, we will need an answer for your team by Thursday, February 18. Please email your players/parents and ask them to notify you by Wednesday, February 17, so you have time to respond the following day.

  2. Adult make-up games: Adult make-up games will take place on Sunday, February 28, Sunday, March 7, & Sunday, March 14. We are contacting team managers to gauge interest. We can also make up postponed games in Spring Sessions by 1 (or 2) game(s) to your team's schedule.

  3. Group Rentals: If a game doesn't interest your team there are times in February to rent the field. After February 28 we will not redeem any remaining games from 2020 Winter 3. There is very limited space. We'll take rentals through March 5 for game exchange. Please call for availability.

  4. Donate your games: As many of you know these have been challenging times for many of our customers and other businesses. As an indoor sports facility Break Away has been surviving with virtually no revenue since March of 2020. Some of you have indicated that you wish to donate your postponed games to help our bottom line. We very much appreciate your gesture. While we will accept a groups generosity, we will still anticipate serving our customers to reflect our promise and intentions from the beginning to honor your postponed games.

This pandemic and the restrictions that occurred were not by choice. We are taking steps to resolve the disruption. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation throughout this situation. 

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